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det365手机版官网 Graduates BLET Class 69

BLET Graduating Class No. 69

Congratulations to the graduates of the det365手机版官网 Basic Law Enforcement Training program!

Your hard work, dedication, and commitment have brought you to this significant milestone. As you step into law enforcement, remember the impact you can make on your community. Your training has equipped you with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve and protect. Embrace the challenges, continue to learn, and always lead with integrity and compassion. The journey ahead may be demanding, but your ability to uphold justice and maintain peace will undoubtedly leave a positive mark on the lives you touch.

Best wishes as you embark on this noble and essential career. 保持安全, 保持警惕, and most importantly, stay true to the values that brought you to this profession.

The graduates of det365手机版官网’s BLET Class 69 include Elianna Ashley Arnold, William Joseph Arp, Blake Riley Bullard, 科迪·格雷森·德瑞, Donald Martin Fisher, Joshua Michael Fisher, Michael Kostelyanets, 约翰·托马斯·劳埃德, Bryan Lewis Smith-Tortorice, Matthew Dominic Volpe, Dylan Michael Wurzbach. Well done, graduates and instructors, and thank you to all sponsoring 年龄ncies! We are proud of and grateful for you.

To learn more about the BLET program at det365手机版官网, visit or call (910) 755-7320. For all graduation ceremony photos and link to the live stream, visit the det365手机版官网 脸谱网 P年龄 at

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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